Our face to face workshops are an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded, conscious beings looking for natural ways to support their health and well-being.  We highly encourage coming to workshops as we are able to meet individual needs and take discussions much deeper.  Many people come to workshops many times over to absorb the extent of information we share. We are welcoming new people into our gorgeous community on a daily basis.  Our workshops are open to anyone – those curious about essential oils, those learning how to use what they have and to those looking to learn how to run their own workshops.  I am SO looking forward to meeting you!


Introduction to Essential Oils – click here for more info


Emotional Well Being – click here for more info


Pamper Yourself – click here for more info


Detox Your Home – click here for more info


Host a Workshop – click here for more info


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Build Your Oily Tribe with Me

  • Training provided
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  • Private DoTERRA team building groups & courses available
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