Essential Oils Intro

Introduction to Essential Oils

Beginners Class

Come along to this workshop jam-packed with ready to implement information on how to use essential oils for your health, home and happiness! Come along to a nose-opening afternoon learning how certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils can be used to:

* Boost your immunity, gut health and respiratory function
* Combat common household ailments
* Support growing bodies
* Promote relaxation and restful sleep
* Soothe sore muscles and joints
* Reduce head tension
* Replace expensive store bought toxic cleaning products
* Make delicious treats and healthy recipes
* Support emotional health

Having cleared out our medicine cabinet a little under a year ago, it now consists of these exceptionally potent essential oils, some band aids and a heat pack – that’s it!!  Where’s the rest?  COMPLETELY GONE!  Sandy will guide you through this workshop outlining the absolute best way to get started in incorporating simple, easy and extremely effective solutions into any home.

Come and experience for yourself the most pure essential oils made in the world, all whilst learning the nuts and bolts:

– What are essential oils?
– How should they be applied safely to the body
– What’s a safe dilution ratio?

– The difference between single oils and blends and when to use each

– Safety and essential oils including safe dilution rates including for children, babies and pregnant mamas

– How to know which oils to use when
– Where’s the best place to get them from?
– How to make a living by sharing this information

You’ve already heard how incredibly fast and effective essential oils are, so now is the time to come along and really learn exactly how to use them and start implementing them in your daily life, ridding yourself of toxic body and household products and learning about nature’s powerful solutions.

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