33 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil



🍋A Cure for Laundry Neglect: Lemon essential oil removes any and all odor when you forget to switch your washed laundry into the dryer.

🍋Sap-covered Anything: Whether the sap is on your hands, clothes, carpet, or kids, lemon oil is excellent for removing pine gum and tree sap.

🍋Stop Grease in its Tracks: You just fixed your car and come in covered in grease. Add a drop of lemon oil to a squirt of soap to de-grease your hands.

🍋Disinfect Everything: Put lemon oil and water in a glass spray bottle and kill anything living on your kitchen table, your countertops, doorknobs, you name it.

🍋Lose the Gas Mask: When you clean your bathroom, do you get a migraine from the fumes? Break free and use lemon oil instead to get rid of the hard water buildup!

🍋Nourish Your Leather: Whether it’s your couch or your boots, all leather needs to be conditioned. Use a little lemon oil on a soft cloth to preserve and nourish them.

🍋Shine Your Silver: Use that same cloth with more lemon oil to remove tarnish on silver or other metals– earrings, necklaces, silverware.

🍋Remove the Stickiness: Lemon oil can help remove gum from a kiddo’s hair, temporary tattoos from a kiddo’s skin, or the remainder of the price tags on a picture frame.

🍋Breathe Life into your Furniture: Using a few drops of lemon oil mixed with olive oil on your wooden table, wooden chairs, or especially antique dressers, you can make them shine again. You may need a few coats if it’s been a while (or ever) until it’s soaked into the wood and moisturized it sufficiently.

🍋De-smudge your Stainless: Get those grubby handprints off your stainless steel fridge with a little lemon oil!

🍋Clean Granite or Other Porous Stone: Lemon oil cleans deeper than other cleaners, which means it gets down into your stone countertops and kills the germs deep down where they hide. Plus, it leaves your kitchen smelling like REAL lemony-fresh!

🍋Energize Your Brush: Add a drop each of lemon and peppermint essential oils to the head of your toothbrush before you brush your teeth for an energizing start to your day.

🍋Quantine Smells: Diffuse or spray lemon oil to neutralize odors at their source– smelly soccer shoes, potty training, that milk cup under the seat of your car, all taken care of with lemon oil!

🍋Take the Spine Out of Scuffs: Lemon oil lifts scuff marks with ease!

🍋Curtail the Dank, Musty, and Mildewed: Chase away the damp smell from anything in the back of your closet with a quick spritz of lemon oil.

🍋Stop Cutting Board Bacteria: The taste of under-the-sink chemicals is hardly to be desired, but lemon oil makes everything fresher and tastier. Use it instead!

🍋Control the Aphids: Using pesticides on your tomato plants is not the safest choice, but lemon or peppermint oils sprayed on will kill aphids and their larvae on contact, while leaving your plants ready to eat!

🍋Spot-Free Dishes: Rather than rinse agent, add a few drops of lemon oil to your dishwasher soap container for spot-free dishes.

🍋Refresh Bad-Smelling Towels: Add lemon oil to your detergent, soak overnight, wash, and dry your kitchen towels for a fresher-smelling kitchen.

🍋Energy Boost: For a quick energy boost, add a couple of drops each of lemon oil and peppermint oil to a glass of water.

🍋Zest Up Your Sugary Treats: Lemon frosting, lemon pie, lemon cakes, lemon glaze, lemon squares, lemon marshmallows, lemon cookies… They’re all delicious!

🍋Pep Up Your Entrees: Roasted asparagus with lemon oil, lemon garlic shrimp, roasted broccoli, salad dressing, you name it!

🍋Preserve Your Fruit and Veggies: Use a spritz of lemon oil on your avocados, apples, or anything else you don’t want turning brown once you’ve cut it.

🍋Ease Resipatory Discomfort: When diffused, it’s a perfect way to slow colds, coughing, or other upper respiratory issues.

🍋De-scratch Your Scratchy Throat: Adding a couple of drops to a warm cup of tea and some honey can help that sore throat become a healed throat. Lemon oil is an excellent virus and bacteria killer.

🍋Sun Your Hair, UV-Free: Skip the salon treatment or chemical-filled spray and use lemon essential oil instead. Just go in the sun for a little while afterward (with sunscreen!) for lightened, honey-colored hair.

🍋Fight the Fungus Among Us: Tired of unsightly nail fungus? Lemon oil is great for even healthy nails, but even more powerful against nail fungus.

🍋Halt the Nervous Nellie: Diffuse lemon oil with lavender oil to feel less anxious and put you in a better mood.

🍋Focus, Focus: To clear your mind and focus your outlook, diffuse a little lemon oil.

🍋Take the Heat Out of Cold Sores: Put a few drops of lemon oil on a miserable cold sore to help reduce the pain and misery.

🍋Brighten Your Mood: Chase away the blues with a little topical or diffused lemon oil.

🍋Tough Feet: To soften hard spots on your feet, routinely add a few drops of lemon oil to soften the skin.

🍋A Happier Complexion: Lemon oil makes an excellent exfoliant. Just add a few drops to some oatmeal and water for a homemade scrub.



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